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A Complete Overview of the Cigar Industry


At we have many people ask us about different aspects of cigars. It can exciting learning about cigars; the history, terminology and nuances which can help improve one’s understanding of this fine hobby.

So to sum it all up for the those new to premium cigars, find our "Everything About Cigars" infograph below:

Everything about Cigars


Smoke on this: A Cigar Overview

There’s an old saying that goes, “To smoke is human; to smoke cigars is divine." Are you a cigar aficionado who shares this sentiment? You’re in luck! Below you can find an extensive compilation of intriguing cigar facts, as extracted from the True Tobacco infographic (viewable at:!

Did You Know?

  1. Per annum, there are an estimated 7 million potential customers for cigar products in the U.S.
  2. The industry generates just under $1 billion in revenue yearly!
  3. Each cigar smoker spending an average of about $140 per year.
  4. An estimated 4.3% of men and 0.3% of women smoke cigars!
  5. USA and western Europe account for about 75% of cigar sales worldwide!

:: Two rival firms currently dominate the cigar industry ::

1). Altadis
Julius Lichtenstein, President of American Sumatra Tobacco Co., leaf specialists, bought sixindependent cigar manufacturers in 1918.

After his death, he was succeeded by businessman Alfred Silberman, who turned Altadis over to his son, Samuel Silberman.

Altadis has since become the world’s largest cigar producer, and produces cigars in:

  1. The Dominican Republic
  2. USA
  3. Honduras

Altadis has a 50% stake in Corporación Habanos in Cuba, employs over 5,000 employees worldwide and also manufacturers cigarettes!

2.) Swedish Match
Ivan Kreuger, Swedish civil engineer, financier, entrepreneur and industrialist, formed Swedish Match by merging his father’s business with other match factories he purchased during World War I.

Its initial capital was around $10 million, which is $150 million in today’s currency!

Swedish Match has since become the world’s second largest producer, and produces cigars in:

  1. Honduras
  2. Belgium
  3. Germany
  4. Indonesia
  5. USA
  6. the Dominican Republic

Swedish Match owns 50% of SMPM International, has production units in six countries and also manufacturers:

  1. chewing/pipe tobacco snuff
  2. lighters
  3. matches

:: Famous Cigar Smokers::
Below is a list of famous cigar enthusiasts, their go-to brand and their sentiments about the smoke!

Groucho Marx
“A woman is an occasional pleasure but a cigar is always a smoke.”
Cigar of Choice: Dunhill 410

Charles Dickens
“Ah, if only I had brought a cigar with me! This would have established my identity.”
Cigar of Choice: Havana Cigar

Winston Churchill
“Smoking cigars is like falling in love. First, you are attracted by its shape; you stay for its flavour, and you must always remember never, never to let the flame go out!”
Cigar of Choice: Romeo y Julieta cigars (dunked in port/brandy)

Sigmund Freud
“Cigars served me for precisely fifty years as protection and a weapon in the combat of life. I owe to the cigar a great intensification of my capacity to work and a facilitation of my self-control.”
Cigar of Choice: Reina Cubanas
(Rumored to smoke 20 Cigars a day and live until the age of 84)

John F Kennedy
-Before signing the Cuban embargo which would outlaw US trade with Cuba* (and thus making the purchase of Cuban cigars illegal) Kennedy remarked:

"I need a lot of cigars… About 1,000 Petit Upmanns."
Cigar of Choice: Cuban H Upmann Petit Upmanns: Twice a day

:: Cigar Production ::
Places with fertile lands and favorable climates promote growth of tobacco leaves.

Cuba’s climate proved ideal: the tropic island successfully harvests all 3 types of tobacco leaves, used in a cigar:

determines character and flavor

a blend of tobacco leaves, varied in strength

elastic leaves that hold fillers together

:: Aside from Cuba, tobacco is also produced in ::

  1. Brazil
  2. Cameroon
  3. Costa Rica
  4. Dominican Republic
  5. Ecuador
  6. Honduras
  7. Indonesia
  8. Jamaica
  9. Mexico
  10. Nicaragua
  11. Philippines
  12. Eastern United States.


:: Sizes/Colors ::
Cigar shape can vary greatly in size, depending on brand.

Cigars are measured by two factors:


-"ring gauge”:
(a cigar’s diameter, divided into 64ths of an inch.)

:: 7 Most Common Cigar Color Classifications ::

double claro:
very light, greenish hue

light tan/yellow

colorado claro:


colorado maduro:
dark brown

very dark/black


Actor Raul Julia once said, “A cigar is as good as the memories that you have when you smoked it.” For quality memories over a quality smoke, visit and browse True Tobacco’s premium selection of handmade cigars. True Tobacco offers customizable services that ensure a perfect, purchasing experience to accompany your perfect cigar!





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