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RealCigReview is one of the best machine made cigar reviewers on the net. We found one of his reviews, which, in our opinion, will give you a good idea of what Black & Mild Cigars and Cigarillos are about. You can find it, as well as the transcript of the video, below. If you want to see RealCigReview’s youtube channel, click here. Customers gave our Black n Mild Cigars an average rating of


Hey this is Dan. Welcome to Real Cig Review. Today I’m going to be reviewing another cigar. I know I said I wouldn’t do it but these are the Black and Mild – Mild. I’m going to go ahead and review this. It actually didn’t look too bad. It was $0.89 or $0.69, sorry, so I figured I’d pick one of these up. Take a look at the package. It’s a clear cellophane wrapper. It says “taste and enjoy aroma”, anyway, it says “since 1856 Middletons”. Pretty basic on the wrapper on the cellophane. Let’s go ahead and pop this open and see how it smells.

It’s kind of a sweet flavor. You can definitely smell the tobacco in it. It has a plastic tip on the end of it here. Kind of interesting, never smoked through on of those before but we’ll give that a shot. The tobacco feels nice and compact inside of the brown paper, the blunt paper, whatever you want to call it. This is going to be a quick review, but let’s go ahead and hit this and see how it tastes.

Very, very strong. Definitely more mellow than the Swisher Sweets strawberry one I had yesterday. It puts off a more heavy draw and a big heavy smoke Not too bad though. I kind of like the tip to suck through. It makes it interesting to pull through. Not too bad.

The flavor is more sweet and mild. Like I say, it’s a Black and Mild –
Mild. According to the wrapper it says “Black and Mild- Mild”. Not too bad as far as flavor. I’m going to go ahead and pull a nice heavy draw into my mouth and hold it for a few seconds and get that full body in my mouth.

Wow. Definitely get a lot of smoke coming off of this. It definitely pulls heavy. You get a big draw, you get a lot of tobacco in your mouth. It’s very potent, it’s very strong. Like I say, t’s definitely more mild than the one I had yesterday but all-in-all not to bad at all. I’m going to o ahead a take a small drag of this and inhale it. I’m not going to go real heavy on it though.

Wow, those are so strong. I’m not a big fan of those cigars. I really hate them. I’m trying to diversify a little bit and test some things out, but I don’t know. Compared to what I had yesterday this is a lot better. That Swisher Sweet Strawberry smelled awesome. I though it was going to be a great cigar but it was crap, it was definitely garbage. This is much better. Except for my tongue is already numb. I can feel my lips going numb.

I do like the plastic tip on this. The plastic tip does make it interesting to draw through. You see all that smoke coming out. That’s not even a heavy draw, that’s just a mellow little pull. Nothing really too harsh. Nothing too bad. The smell of the tobacco isn’t really that strong either. It’s definitely strong compared to a cigarette of course. For a cigar the smell of this is much sweeter than some of the others I’ve tried. All in all the Black and Mild- Mild by Middletons 1856, anyway, I’m going to give it a 3 1/2 out of 5 stars for a cigar. Actually, it’s one of the better cigars I’ve tried. I might actually finish more of this one. The one I tried yesterday I ended up throwing out right after the review was done. But I might go ahead and toke on this one for a little bit.

Not bad, I’m definitely not going to do much inhaling with these things.; pull it in my mouth and blow it back out. I’m not even going to hold it in my mouth very long. Man, you get a lot of smoke off these things; lots and Lots of smoke. Alright guys, that’s it for today. Appreciate you for watching and stay tuned for more reviews. See you.

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