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With many products, the ability to buy wholesale is limited to businesses or members of special wholesale clubs… Membership into these clubs could cost up to hundreds of dollars, which impacts your overall savings. Thankfully, that is not the case when you want to buy cheap wholesale blunt wraps from True Tobacco. At True, we provide bulk blunt wraps at wholesale prices to anyone who purchases from us, without the added cost of a membership.

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Blunt wraps are used to make cigars with loose tobacco that you roll yourself. This allows you to control the size of the cigar, making it as fat or thin as you prefer to smoke. It also allows you to control the type of tobacco inside it. Sure, you can buy blunts that are pre-rolled and ready to smoke anywhere. But they may not have the tobacco blend or taste that you prefer. Buying blunt wraps and rolling cigars yourself is the only way to customize your tobacco products and make them your own.

The type of blunt wrap you buy will also help you control the taste. Even blunt wrappers that don’t have an actual flavor to them, affect the overall taste and experience of the cigar you wrap and smoke. For example, if you buy blunt wraps that are darker, they tend to impart a sweeter taste than a lighter wrap, which will give a drier taste. It is akin to red vs. white wine, all in a blunt wrap. This is yet another reason to buy bulk blunt wraps from us.

In fact, comparing types of wine to types of blunts is actually a very good comparison. True cigar aficionados take their time to try many different cigars and really take in their taste, texture and aftertaste. Some even keep a journal so that they know the best cigars or blunt wraps and tobacco to roll with. This is not unlike wine connoisseurs who keep journals and notes of the wines they favored over others. Much like wine, cigar lovers often won’t agree on which are the best, as it is an individual taste.

The individual taste is one reason why many prefer to not smoke the same cigars. Customizing your cigars with self-chosen blunt wraps and tobacco ensure you will always get exactly the cigar you want to smoke at any given time.

Getting the right blunt depends a lot on your blunt wraps. If you are new to the world of rolling your own cigars, you may not have tried many yet. It is a good idea to try a few different kinds in order to see just which one you prefer. If all you have ever tried is the drier light wraps, how do you know yet if you would like the sweeter dark wraps. Luckily, at True Tobacco you can buy wraps in a variety of types, including all the major brands.

There are even flavored wraps that are available for purchase. Instead of just choosing from a light or dark blunt, you can instead get a pre-flavored wrap for a special treat. Experiment with these flavors, using different types of tobacco to fill the blunts to get a whole new cigar smoking experience. The taste will linger on your tongue as you enjoy the smell and texture of your new flavored blunts.

True Tobacco carries the many brands in a variety of pre-flavored versions such as apple, apple martini, berries, blueberry, champagne, chocolate, cosmopolitan, vanilla, gin and juice, grape, kush, mango, mojito, peach, Piña Colada, strawberry kiwi, watermelon, white grape, cognac and honey. Whether you go fruity or for an alcohol flavor, the taste of these wraps makes for a great after dinner treat. Or enhance their flavor with food pairings just like a wine lover would.

As if this isn’t enough flavored goodness, there is also The Good Times brand of cigar wraps. Their Flat Wrap line includes such flavors as blueberry, grape, cherry, mango, passion, peach, sour apple, strawberry kiwi, watermelon and white grape. If you prefer a more basic experience, Good Times also carries a natural flavor that you can buy right here on the True website.

The Royal Blunts brand comes in many flavors including some that you can’t find from other brands like French Martini, Georgia Peach, Cloves and Wet Mango. Other varieties include basics like green apple, watermelon, blueberry, strawberry, strawberry banana, grape, passion fruit, Jamaican rum, chocolate and cherry vanilla. There is also the Royal Blunts XXL line that includes Naked, peach, kush and grape flavors.

The classic Zig Zag brand comes in resealable pouches to keep your blunt wraps fresh. Basics like apple, mango, melon, peach and strawberry join uncommon varieties like Purple Thunder, Blue Juju and Straight.

We also carry the Cyclones brand of blunt wraps. This great line of blunts comes in pre-rolled cones in a tube which make for easy filling and smoking. The tips are also soaked in flavor for a full 7 days, ensuring you get a smooth and even flavor with every puff. There is even a packer tool to help you get in just the right amount of tobacco, further customizing your cigar smoking experience. We carry the WT Hyph, WT Mayhem, WT Stealth, WT Sugar Cane, WT Sup. NOS, WT Urb. Assault, Wrapes WT and WT Wonderberry.

As you can see, there is no shortage of choices when it comes to cheap wholesale blunt wraps at True Tobacco. No matter if you prefer a sweet, fruity or savory tip to your cigars, we have you covered and then some, all at great discount prices.

If you prefer to make your own and do it often, cheap wholesale blunt wraps from True are the way to go. The discount saves you money and they are shipped to you quickly, always fast. Many times you will get them even quicker, since we try to ship out the same day if you order by 2pm eastern. That means your bulk blunt wraps will get to you as fresh and fast as possible.

Of course, it’s not just home customers who roll their own blunts who will benefit from buying bulk blunt wraps from True Tobacco. Re-sellers can also order and then sell to their customers. Be aware though that if you do this, as the seller you are responsible for any and all taxes that may be imposed on the product due to it being re-sold

At True Tobacco, the customer is our top priority. We want you to always be happy with your order. We make it our mission to provide excellent customer service to everyone, whether you are a first time customer or a repeat one. If in the rare occurrence that your order is not to your satisfaction, simply contact us to figure out what went wrong. We promise to listen and solve the problem to ensure that you continue to want to buy with us.

While you are already shopping at True Tobacco online, you may as well see what else we have to offer besides just bulk blunt wraps. For example, we sell a wide selection of pipe tobacco if you want a change of pace from rolling your own cigars.

No matter if you buy only one type of product or mix and match, we at True Tobacco strive to make this the best online experience you will ever have. Give us a try and see for yourself why so many customers keep coming back. Shop for the prices and come back for the great service that has been a hallmark at True Tobacco since the very first day we started serving the smoking community.

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