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RealCigReview is one of the best machine made cigar reviewers on the net. We found one of his reviews, which, in our opinion, will give you a good idea of what White Cat Cigars and Cigarillos are about. You can find it, as well as the transcript of the video, below. If you want to see RealCigReview’s youtube channel, click here.

Hey. This is Dan. Welcome back to the Real Cig Review. Today, I’m going to do another little cigarillo. Before I get started, I wanted to let you guys know about my videos. I’ve got a few night shots that I’m calling ‘Night Reviews’, that I do at night where I setup my lights in here so you guys can see everything. Rather than do those all in a row; I’ve got 3 of those done, and there all in the can right now and ready to upload. Rather than doing that, I want to kind of space those out and throw in some regular, natural light reviews in the middle, and kind of just throw those in. If occasionally these videos seem a little disjointed from timeframes, that’s the reason why; I’ve got 3 of those all ready shot. I’m going to do another one today, and then after this, I’ll probably do another one of those night shots I shot before. Anyway, I hope you all understand that. Also too, please subscribe guys. I’m digging all those subscribers I’m getting, all the views I’m getting. Loving it, keep subscribing. I appreciate it all, man, you guys are making this channel a lot of fun.

All right. Today we’re going to go ahead and review the White Cat Black Grape cigarillos. These are two open-head cigarillos in here. I believe these are $1.09, I can’t even remember what I remember paying for them. On my upcoming reviews, I named all the prices of all these cigars I bought, but I can’t remember. It was a few days ago, I can’t remember one day to the next.

Anyway, taking a look at the packaging here, it comes in a soft cellophane, or a soft foil wrapping. Anyway, it feels like it’s pretty well air-tight on there. Also on the back right here, it does say ‘Guaranteed Fresh’, so I’m hoping they are fresh. I can’t smell anything through the actual package, so I’m hoping that’s meaning they’re going to be fresh. Yeah, these are actually made in Tampa, Florida. We’ll go ahead and give these a shot. They’re the White Cat Black Grape. It’s got Surgeon General warning. I’m going to give that packing, I don’t know, I’ll give it a 6 out of 10. It’s nothing real fantastic, nothing real bad either though. It says ‘Made in Dominican Republic.’ Sorry about that. White Cat cigars.

Right on, let’s go ahead and pop this bad boy open, and let’s see how these look, smell, and taste. Pull that cellophane off. Wow. I love that smell all ready; it started coming out really, really strong. We got two cigars in there, so I’m just going to go ahead and pull one of them out. Leave the other one inside there. This is actually the black blunt-style. Taking a look at it, and it is the wrap-style, but it is machine wrapped. The ends of this are really weird. I have a flat end on this end, and then another flat end on this end. This one is a tapered a little bit on this end, down here. I’m going to go ahead draw from this end, down there. It does look like the paper actually is coming up just a little bit, but not too bad.

Wow. Them things are really, really strong. Taking a feel of the tobacco in there and it’s actually pretty soft. It is kind of gushy all the way through there. That probably going to mean I’m going to have a hell of a big body on this, and they’re going to smoke a little faster than some of the other ones. Overall, the black blunt, that dark blunt-style. Wow. That’s strong. Right on.

Let’s go ahead and do a couple dry sucks on this and see what kind of taste it has. Wow. The cherry, the berry, or the grape, I guess it is. The grape flavor . . . it kind of taste like berry. Anyway, that grape flavor comes through really, really strong. I can taste the tobacco, as well. The tobacco is really a sweet-flavor tobacco. Taking a smell of this, I can smell the black grape on there really, really strong, but I can also smell that tobacco, and that tobacco smells like it’s really rich. It don’t have that sweet smell like a lot of them do, but this has a really rich smell of tobacco. It kind of smells like pipe tobacco. My wife’s grandpa smoked a pipe. Man, I love that smell. All right. Yeah, let’s go ahead and fire this up. I love that smell. Smell-wise, I’ll give that an 8 out of 10.

Man, that’s really going to be strong. I’m getting nervous about this one. Let’s go ahead and fire it up. First, initial little puff off that, it’s got a good body so far; it’s clean. I don’t get any like harsh chemical, harsh cigar flavor, or harsh tobacco flavor in it. Let’s go ahead and give it another puff and pull a full, big puff of this into my mouth, and see what kind of body and taste we get in our mouth. It’s got a great body. It’s actually got a really good taste. It is strong. It doesn’t have that unique cigar smell that a lot of these do, but it has got a nice solid cigar smell to it. It’s not really overpowering but it’s not under-
powering, it gives you just enough of the cigar flavor. I can’t taste the grape hardly coming through.

I’m going to go ahead and take a small pull of this. I’m going go ahead and inhale it and see what kind of kick we get. OK. It’s got a little bit of harshness in the back of the throat, nothing real major though. Let’s go ahead and pull another one. Relatively smooth, in reality. For the size of that body that it has on there, it still does have a little bit . . .
that’s what’s causing that little bit of harshness on there, but it is fairly smooth for that big of a draw and that big of a smoke. It is coming through fairly smooth. Let’s go ahead and take a pull of this and blow it back out of my nostril, and see what kind of sensation we get there. Pretty good; I do get a little hint of that grape. Not a real strong flavoring on the grape. I’m getting more of a tobacco and it is a rich tobacco. It doesn’t taste like regular sweet tobacco like in a lot of the Swisher Sweets and Prime Times and stuff. It does have a good rich flavor, and it’s got a good body to it.

Let’s go ahead and pull one, and I’m going to go ahead and blow it out of my nostrils again. It actually draws really nicely, and it goes down pretty smooth. There’s no real harshness to it. Like I said, because of the huge body, it does have a little bit of a harshness just because of the size of the body and the amount of smoke you’re actually getting. As far as the taste and flavor of it goes, it’s really, really smooth. It’s really mellow, I can barely taste the grape in there, but it does have a rich tobacco taste. This is actually a really quality cigar. I’m really surprised; I thought this was going to be kind of a throwaway, just kind of a cheapo knockoff of whatever. You know what, these White Cats, that’s actually a really decent little cigar.

It’s got a great body to it. There are a few that have a lot bigger body to it. I know I did a couple of these other reviews. I did these night shot reviews, and I can’t remember which one it was, but it had such a massive body on there that was really hard to concentrate on the other things. This has got a good quality body; it’s not the most massive body. It’s got a nice big body to it, a nice full body, and it does have a good, unique rich flavor to it. The little bit of grape is barely, barely an accent of the grape. It does, it has a really good body; has a really good flavor, really good taste.

All right. Let’s go ahead and get onto the ratings for these White Cats. This is a White Cat Black Grape, the cigarillo. The cigarillo, really good. I’m going to go ahead and give the body on it about an 8. It’s got a good body, but it’s not huge massive body, but it’s got a good solid body.

As far as taste, flavor, the aroma; I’m going to give it about a 7, 7½.
Yeah, it’s really decent. Like I said, I was really expecting to have a throwaway, and have just kind of a generic taste to it, and kind of bland, or maybe a little harsh. It’s none of those things; this is actually a really enjoyable little cigarillo. Yeah, I really enjoyed that one.

All right, guys. That is the White Cap Black Grape, definitely worth a shot. You like cigarillos; this is definitely a good one. Like I said, most of these cigarillos burn really, really nicely, and this one of course, is burning really smooth. All right, guys. That’s it for the White Cat Black Grape. Definitely go out and pick you up one. This is a quality little cigarillo. We’ll catch you guys on the next review. Thanks.

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Showing all 3 results