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While Hav-A-Tampa cigars are machine-made, this does not affect their quality, nor does it affect the distinctive flavor loved by cigar aficionados for more than a century. In fact, it’s because Hav A Tampas are machine-made that they’re considerably less expensive than comparable hand-rolled cigars; yet they offer all the robust flavor and smoking pleasure found in a cigar costing several times as much. This is why, for many smokers, these smokes represent the ultimate in cigar value. With this combination of so much flavor and quality at such a low price, it’s no wonder that Hav-A-Tampas continue to be a favorite cigar for so many connoisseurs over the world. The secret to the success of this traditional American-made cigar is its birch-wood tip, which not only acts as a filter but also offers a pleasant feel in the mouth for those who prefer the sensation of a wood tip over a leaf wrapper.

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Saavendra Sweets is one of the best cigar review providers on the net. We found one of his Hav-A-Tampa cigar reviews, and feel this is a perfect review to get to ‘understand’ Hav-A-Tampa cigars. See the review and transcript below. If you want to find other reviews from this man, see his youtube channel at Saavendra Sweets

Hey, YouTube. Some Saavedra Sweets here. Sorry about the delay in videos. My power’s been out for a little bit, so I haven’t really been able to do anything. Yeah, I’m back. I’m doing another review. This time it’s on another cigar. Not like a big-old typical Cuban cigar like this. I have one. No, it’s not on that. I will be doing a review just to further update, little update here. I am going to be doing a review on this. It’s a Davidoff. It’s made in the Dominican Republic. You can read that, there’s Dominican Republic. Anyways, that’s that. I will be doing a review on this a little later, so let’s put that aside. Today, I’m going to be doing a review on Hav-a-Tampa Jewels. Not many people know they’re cigars. This is what the singles look like and this is what the box looks like. Hav-a-Tampa Jewels.
They’re similar to a Black & Mild without the sweet kind of taste the Black & Mild has. They’re very similar, thought, as you can see. There’s mild and flavorful.

Let’s do a little review on it, obviously. Let’s check out the box: Orange and this little white arch right here. Then this is pretty cool, this lady. How that’s made right there. Surgeon General warning, and then a little introduction, a biography. I can see why they are Hav-a-Tampa, because they are made in Tampa, Florida. I can see that. There’s 5 wooden-tip, birchwood tip cigars. The cellophane’s still on there. That’s how I leave these ones. I just take the top off right here and leave the cellophane on there. The box is kind of plain. Not much too it, really; some orange and some white, and the back’s all orange. There’s not much to it. I’d give this like a 7. There’s nothing really. The lady’s the only addition to it. That’ s that.

Let’s check out the individual. Pretty plain too; really plain, actually. Orange little box it’s gone it. I think that’s pretty cool, to be honest with you. Another thing I do with these boxes right here, if I any leftover tobacco, this is really cool actually, if I have any leftover tobacco that I see on my desk that falls out, I have one already stored, let me show it to you, in my humidifier. Humidifor? It’s not a humidifier; it’s something like that for cigars. What I do, if I have any leftover tobacco, I’ll gather it around. Then I’ll take blunt wraps and roll my own blunts out of tobacco. I don’t really buy it. Right now, this is all I got. I don’t want to tip it out here. It tipped out a little bit. See if I can get that in there. You can’t really see it. Anyway, that’s all falling out all over my desk. Anyway, I just have some leftover tobacco from other cigars that I’ve smoked and tobacco falls out of the wrapping or what have you. I have that in there. Then I just roll it up with blunt wraps and smoke it like a cigar. It’s pretty cool, actually. Anyways, enough rambling.

You got the orange box. Just plain, says ‘Hav-a-Tampa.’ Nothing to it, nothing at all. It’s wrapped in cellophane, it’s got a little cardboard box around it, and it says Hav-a-Tampa. What else do you want, really? What else do you want? I think I’m going to take this out and start going out here. See if this has any leftover. I’ll just . . . clean. That’s pretty good. It’s got a little crumble here and there. There’s some in the box that I’ll take out. It has a little blunt wrap paper. I don’t want that in my cigars.

Let’s have a look. Like a Swisher; the same thing as a Swisher. Black &
Milds have that little tip on it. What does that look like to you? Swisher; that’s all it is with a little filter on it. Can’t get much simpler than that. Very even, very nice wrap in the blunt. Change this around. Very nice wrap. This light is terrible. A little better. Even wrap. Nice wrap on it. Let’s go ahead and take a couple dry pops.

I’m going to move my lamp over; I’m going to see if that helps out. Not really. I’m just a little anal right now. Not anal, but being anal about my stuff. Let’s [inaudible: 06:50] shadow, I’m not digging that. Sorry, guys.

Anyway, blunt paper is really good. It’s nice and packed. It’s packed in there in nice, packed in there really deep, really nice. Let’s give it a little smell. Not like the . . . it’s a very mild tobacco smell. Very mild. If you can see the color on that, it’s very light. You see that? That light’s just not working out for me. It’s very light. Not much of a tobacco smell even. More of a blunt, paper. More like paper. Let’s take a couple dry pops and see what we get. There’s the tobacco. Very mild.

Let’s light up. Very smooth. Wow. I am very happy. Very satisfied so far with this. Perfect. I can’t believe I’m saying that. The burn on it, a little peak right there, but perfect. It’s burning slow. Look at all the ash already. Let me just knock that off there. Look at that burn on that. Almost better than a Swisher. Might be. Oh, my God. It’s so smooth. Not that strawberry Swisher I’ve been dealing with.

I’m going to go get a towel real quick. I kind of spilled something. Be patient. Smoke on. Keep smoking. All right. I’m back. Oh, my god. I can smoke these things without even . . . I’m rambling too much. This video is going to be really long.

Let’s check out the body of smoke on this. Wow. Let’s check out the taste. Taste is very mild, similar to a sweet of a Swisher, the regular Swisher Sweet, very similar. No harshness. Once again, these wood tips, [inaudible:
11:05] to me. I love these. Let’s check out the burn again. The burn’s almost perfect. There’s a bunch of ash on there. It’s a little fast for me, as you can see. It’s a little fast for me. I’m not going to be nit-picky here, but it’s a little fast. I would much rather have it be a little more condensed and packed. I can’t really complain. Let’s check out that body of smoke one more time. Very nice.

All right. Let’s go over this and see what we have here. Box: About 7/10 just because it’s plain. That doesn’t really catch my eye. Nothing really catches my eye really on this box, because it’s such a plain color orange, it doesn’t really stand out to me. It might stand out on the shelf, but not to me. I give this a 7. Let’s check out the body of smoke so I can get a real good review. 8/10, 9/10, 8½. Body of smoke: 8½/10. Let’s check out that taste. Very mild, nothing to it. 8/10. Burn’s 10/10, I got to say. It’s caught up to itself. It’s perfect. 10/10.

Overall, 9/10 on this cigar. Once again, if you can find these, because these are very hard to find. They are Hav-a-Tampa Jewels. They are the mild. They come in an orange box. See this orange box. Always look for this Hav-a-Tampa, right here. There’s 5 cigars in here wrapped in this orange. Let me show you again. They come just wrapped like this. Maybe you can find some singles. I haven’t found any singles, so I’m not sure if they sell them. If you can find these at your smokeshops, I know I can. Gas stations always have them. Check out these Hav-a-Tampa Jewels. Overall rating of 9/10 on my little scale here. Very pleased. Body of smoke’s perfect. The burn is good. Great. 10/10 on the burn. The taste is about an 8. The only thing is the box didn’t really catch my eye, so that’s a 7.

Again overall, 9/10. Find those Hav-a-Tampa Jewels. They are a great little cigar. They might have knockoffs. I’ve seen a couple knockoffs that say Hav-
a-Somethin, Hav-a-Smoke, Hav-a-some crazy shit like that. I’ve seen a bunch of knockoffs. They’re not orange boxes. They’re like a red, like a maroon almost. The big thing they’re missing is the wood tip, so be careful of that. Be careful of those knockoffs. You always want to make sure you’re getting the right ones, and get the quality ones you’re paying for.

Comment, subscribe. Please subscribe. [inaudible: 15:11] getting a little more. Check out my other videos. Check out my channel. Once again, I will update. The next video most likely should be this Dominican Republic cigar. Thanks guys, for watching. Enjoy the music after this. Smoke on.

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Showing all 4 results