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Buy Quality Discount Filtered Cigars and Little Cigars at Wholesale Prices

True Tobacco is one of the premiere sources of online tobacco products. We offer a wide range of products and services for the tobacco enthusiasts. One of our most extensive group of products is our “Little Cigars” selection. This section features a wide range of filtered cigars and cheap filtered cigars that come in many different brands. All of our products are delivered quickly and packaged fresh. Our quick delivery policy ensures that your cigars arrive on your door fresh and tasty, just the way you like them.


Do you have a specific brand of little cigars you enjoy smoking? Chances are, we have it. Our brand of cheap filtered cigars range include Action, Bella, Blackstone, Body Shots, Captain Black, Cheyenne, Dean’s, Djarum, Double Diamond, Dutch Treat, Erik, Gambler Little Cigars, Good Stuff Little Cigars, Hav a Tampa, King Edward, Muriel, Omega, Phillies, Remington, Santa Fe, Smoker’s Choice, Swisher Sweets, Vaquero, Winchester, Wrangler and Zanzibar. Each of these cigar brands comes in different prices as well as different packaging options.

Most brands ship individual packs or bulk packs. Bulk packs are priced at incredible discount prices and can save nearly 70% if you were to buy the packages individual. Bulk packs of our filtered cigars are perfect for the serious cigar smoker that loves having many cigars available at all times. Not every brand includes bulk shipping option so make sure you check your favorite brand before purchasing.

All brands are guaranteed to be fresh on delivery. We ship only the freshest little cigars. Our quick shipping helps get them to your door only days after you have ordered. Same day shipping is not the exception with us: we strive to achieve same day shipping with each of our orders.


The quality of our little cigars is without peer. We buy and stock only the freshest brands of filtered cigars. Each brand is tested by our quality assurance team to make sure it meets our quality standards. Each shipment is tested before being approved. We pass on these quality cheap filtered cigars to you at low, low prices. True Tobacco simply cannot be beat when it comes to offering high quality little cigars and tobacco products at the lowest possible prices.

If our products don’t match your quality standards, please feel free to contact us and let us know. Call our toll free number 1-888-883-5596 any time of the day and any day of the year. Please let us know what we can do to improve the quality of our products and the quality of our services. You can call us to compliment us if you want too. We love to hear from satisfied customers!


True Tobacco offers a wide range of sales on our products every month. Our selection of little cigars is no different. These specials, sales and promotional items are designed to pass on savings to our consumers while introducing them to items they may not have considered otherwise. For example, white grape flavored Swisher Sweets may be available in bulk form at a much lower price than normally offered. Sales come and go regularly so make sure to check the sale section regularly.

Sale items aren’t limited to just our filtered cigars. We also offer sales on larger cigars, cigar boxes, cigar wrapping papers, pipe tobacco, RYO tubes, RYO injectors, hookahs, humidors, electronic cigarettes and various accessories. We also offer package deals that offer a variety pack of cigars for low prices. Many sales items come with free shipping with no minimum purchase required.

All our sale items are offered at great discount prices guaranteed to introduce you to the finest quality tobacco products available in the freshest flavors. These items ship to your door quickly in order to keep them fresh and ready to smoke for all cigar enthusiasts.

Cigar Samplers

Are you looking to graduate from little cigars to larger cigars but aren’t sure what brand or flavors you would enjoy? Never fear! Our cigar samplers are designed to offer a wide range of cigar brands in a single package. Samplers are designed to be offer high quality cigars at low prices, high quality and quick shipping. If you would rather smoke filtered little cigars, a cigar sampler may be a great option for the big cigar smoker in your family. Try it out for Christmas or as a birthday present.


All orders over $199 ship free from True Tobacco. This includes orders of our little cigars and our filtered cigars. As mentioned, our “Special” section often has a wide range of little cigars available for free shipping. Check this section regularly if you want to find products that ship for free. Our shipping experts strive for same day delivery that quickly delivers your tobacco products to your door as quickly and as freshly as possible.

Are you overseas involved in military actions that are protecting our freedom? We will ship our items to APO and FPO addresses overseas. We are proud of our brave military men and women that risk their lives everyday to help protect us against our enemies and those who would attempt to take away our freedom. Enjoy your freedom by enjoying a nice, cheap filtered cigar at the end of the day. Share them with your squad mates and become a favorite of your peers and leaders. We are also proud to offer international shipping to a wide variety of countries around the world.

True Tobacco receives new shipments of cigars and cigar products every Monday. We stock only the freshest of cigars and throw out cigars that have become stale or passed their sale date. All orders that are placed before 2:00 pm Eastern Standard Time are guaranteed to be shipped on the same day, as long as products are available. We ship only on weekdays and never on Saturday or Sunday.

If we are currently low on a specific little cigar brand, we will immediately let you know. We will special order this brand and ship it to you as soon as we receive it. The turn around time for these special orders are around three to four days. We charge no extra for these orders. The chance of us not having a particular item in stick is rather low, though: True Tobacco is proud to have 95% of our products highly stocked at all times.


True Tobacco is highly concerned with keeping your private information safe. We abhor thieves and identity theft con artist and do our best to make sure your personal items never fall victim to these criminals. Our policy is that we will never share, sell or pass along any personal information to a third party, such as your name, address, e-mail or credit card number. We will NEVER do this. The only reason we need this information is to ship your order to the correct address and the correct name.

To help ensure that your personal information is safe, we utlize the Secure Socket Layer or SSL encryption method. Encrypted transactions are guaranteed to block all your personal information from hackers and other Internet criminals by making it impossible to access or read. All credit card interactions are protected by SSL. We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

This devotion to keeping your information safe even allows you to track your orders. Click on the “Track Orders” button on the front page and enter your order number. This option lets you know if your item has shipped, which post offices it has passed through and whether it is on its way to your door. This is just another way that True Tobacco shows its little cigar and filtered cigar purchasers that we care about their business.


Trying to quit smoking cigars? We at True Tobacco can still offer you a great selection of e-cigarettes including car chargers, individual cigaretes, e-cigarette recharge packs, a starter kit and more. These e-cigarettes may help make it easier for you to quit smoking. E-cigarettes can also be used in smoke free environments as they emit steam, not smoke. Try out our e-cigarettes if you are considering quitting smoking little cigars or filtered cigars.

Pride and Partners

True Tobacco is proud to be one of the largest and most respected little cigars retailer on the Internet. Our services have been certified by various consumer protection groups such as and We have partnered up with, Shopzilla,, NexTag and many others. These sites help us sell and ship our various items.

Why not try our filtered cigars and little cigars today? Our cheap filtered cigars are only cheap in their value: they are guaranteed to be high quality, fresh and quickly shipped by our team of highly devoted shipping experts and cigar enthusiasts.

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