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Santa Fe Little Cigars

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Santa Fe Little Filtered Cigars are wrapped in tobacco, just like cigars, lending a brand new touch to the distinctive Santa Fe flavor. When you buy Little Cigars online, make sure you know which one you’re getting: Cigars or cigarillos. Cigarillos have a deeper, richer flavor in that they are literally just thin cigars, while the little filtered cigars or mini-cigars taste more like traditional cigarettes. We make sure to keep every flavor in stock so that you can pick and choose, try new varieties and find the Santa Fe Little Cigars that suits your personal taste.

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Below we found a review that in our opinion, will help you better understand what to expect when buying Santa Fe Mini Filtered Cigars. The review was done by RealCigReview and we did the video transcription. Visit RealCigReview if you want to see more videos like the one below.

Welcome back to Real Cig Review. My name is Dan. Today, I’m going to review another little cigar. If you watched my ‘How to open up a back of cigarettes’ video, I’m going to be smoking the Santa Fe cigars, the sweet grape, 20 cigars. That’s what I’m going to be testing out today. Notice they’re already open on there. That’s because I made that video on how to open a pack of cigarettes. I showed how to open up a hard pack and how to open up a soft pack, how I do it anyway. I’m going to go ahead and jump right into the Santa Fe 20 cigars, and these are filtered.

Taking a look at the package; it’s got a regular purple package with the logo on there. It says ‘Santa Fe 20 cigars.’ Then it says ‘sweet grape’
down the side of it. On the backside, here on the bottom, it says the Surgeon General warning. It’s got the little thing across the top, just the little Santa Fe logo on there. These were really super, super-cheap. They were $2.49 for a pack of them, and there’s 20 cigars in this, so I couldn’t hardly pass it up. I can’t get over the smell. That’s awesome. Let’s go ahead and jump right into it. Let’s go ahead and pop out a cigarette and take a look at it.

Taking a look at this, it is kind of funny looking to me. Also, I don’t pack these. That’s usually hard enough to draw through a filter that I don’t even bother packing them. I just want to get a little better draw trough it. Taking a look at it, it has a standard cigarette filter on there. With this standard cigarette filter, it has got the white compacted filter on there. Taking a look at the paper, the paper does separate quite a bit off there. See if I can get you to see that there. Anyway, that paper does separate just a little bit. If you can hear that, it does kind of sound like cotton moving around in there. It looks like a regular cigarette. You take a Marlboro Red . . . let me pull out a Marlboro Red just for comparison here. Taking a look at the filter on a Marlboro Red, they are really, really similar on there. It does look like the filter is a little bit longer on the Santa Fe than on a Marlboro Red. Also, it looks like there’s a little perforated edge right here. I’m thinking that usually when you see a perforated edge, and I don’t know if you can see that, hopefully you can, hopefully it’ll zoom in on that and focus. It’s got a little perforated white line around there. Generally, what that is, you pull out your scissors, your pocket knife or whatever, and trim that off. That’s a good place to trim that off. It’s probably broken apart on the filter on the inside, where you can actually separate that off and have a shorter filter on there. I’m going to leave it on there for this review.

It’s got a little white band with a little purple around the center of it. It says ‘Santa Fe’ on the actual part of the filter. Nothing real outstanding about it. Taking a look at the actual cylinder of tobacco for the little cigar, it feels nice and tight. It feels nice and compacted inside there. It is a standard glued. It’s glued down to one side of the cigar. Looks real good, doesn’t have any bulges or perforations in it, and it looks like a regular blunt-style paper. Let’s go ahead and take a smell of it. I like that. I can smell the grape really strong. These Santa Fe’s, I don’t know if they’re coated on the outside. I don’t know, can’t tell, can’t taste it on the filter. Anyway, let’s go ahead and fire it up and see how it tastes.

First, initial drag, not too bad. I just got a little bit in my mouth, nothing major. I can definitely taste the grape. It’s not really strong, though. It doesn’t have that real strong cigar flavor or aroma to it. Let’s go ahead and take a nice full pull on it, hold that in my mouth, and then get the full taste of it. Weak body; don’t have much smoke to it. Man, I had to suck really hard just to get any out of it. I don’t know. It’s got a really good flavor, though. As far as taste-wise, it tastes really good, has a really decent taste. Crappy body. Good flavor, though. Doesn’t have a real strong cigar taste to it or real strong cigar odor. Hold on one sec. The taste is good; it has a really good taste to it. The pull on it and to get a draw on it, really tough. A little better body that time, but boy, I had to suck hard on it to get it to come out of there. I’m going to go ahead and take a nice little drag of this, not a full drag, but just regular, standard drag. I’m going to go ahead and put that into my lungs, and see what kind of kick it has. It’s got good flavor. Man, that is weak, I mean it is really, really, really weak. It’s hard to get a full draw on that thing. Let me try it again. You got to suck really hard. It doesn’t even feel like I’m getting anything in there. Let me try something here.

I’m going to get a little froggy. Bust out my Leatherman. Bust out my serrated edge blade. Holy shit. You got to suck so hard to get that out of there. I’m going to go ahead and cut this along that perforated edge right there. Part of the filter came out; nasty. Let’s see. We cut part of that filter off there, let’s see if we can a draw off that thing now. Much better. Much better body to it. It did make it a little bit stronger; it made it a little bit harsher, but not too bad. I’m going to go ahead and take a standard drag of that now, go ahead and pull that into my lungs. If you notice the filter, it’s all poofy out there now. I don’t know what to do about that, could try to tuck it back in. I don’t know. Not too bad. Let’s see.

Little better body. Cutting that filter off there, that definitely helped it out a lot. These are like cigar lights. Like getting light cigarettes or Marlboro Lights, this is like Santa Fe Lights, or whatever they are. I know this is a really strange review. It’s totally different. Obviously, this is why they’re so cheap. The taste is fine. The body is fine after I cut the filter. Overall, it’s hard to draw. It’s hard to get a good full body. The taste is good. It’s got a good flavor to it. It’s got a good grape aroma. The cigar flavor is pretty decent. Now that I’ve got the filter off, it’s got a good body to it. A little bit weird.

I’m going to go ahead and take a big drag of this. I’m going to go ahead and suck this into the bottom of my lungs, if I can get it all out of me, and see what kind of a kick it’s got. No kick, it’s still pretty mellow. It’s still a really mild cigar, even with having that filter cut off. You can see how short I got that little stubby filter; it’s tiny now. Had to do what you got to do, I guess, to get that body in there. I’m a heavy smoker, anyway. I like to take big, heavy draws. If you like having that lighter draw, the Santa Fe with a full filter on it may be your way to go.

I’m going to go ahead and take a full drag of this now and blow it out of my nostrils. Not bad. It does have a little bit of that dry taste to it, not stale, but borderline dry-ish, but not too bad. After I cut that filter off there, it’s got a really good body. It’s got decent taste, a decent grape flavor. There’s nothing to really scream about, nothing really fantastic. Swisher Sweets are much better. Prime Time is much better. As far as the price goes, $2.50, $2.59, $2.79 a pack; $2.59, whatever it was. Anyway, they were really super-cheap for 20 of these things, about half the price of a regular pack of cigarettes. For the price, I guess they’re not too bad. I’m not overly-impressed. It’s got a good flavor; no doubt about it, it’s got a good flavor to it. Let’s take a look at that filter on there now. It’s pretty well catching all the crap in there. It’s pretty well yellowed up. Hopefully, you can see that. It’s pretty well yellow and gummed up, kind of coming out a little bit. It’s holding together and it’s not really ending up in my mouth, so not too bad. Now we can get a good full body on it. I can get a decent drag, or decent smoke ring off of it. With that filter on there, it felt like I couldn’t hardly get any in. It’s like smoking ultra lights.

I’m going to go ahead and give these Santa Fe . . . Where the hell did they go? Anyway, Santa Fe Sweet Grape with a big filter on there, I’m going to go ahead and give them a 6/10. That’s only because I cut the filter off. You leave the filter on there, I’m going to give it a 5/10. Pretty weak. With that full filter on there, it is really hard to get a full drag, get a full draw, and a full body. With that filter off there, you definitely get a lot more. Definitely get a good body off it. It’s got a decent flavor and not a bad aftertaste. Nothing real gummy. You can inhale it easily, take deep inhales, and blow it back out of your nostrils, the whole nine yards, and it’s really mild. I’ve definitely smoked a lot harsher cigars.

That is the Santa Fe Sweet Grape. 6/10, with the filter cut off. 5/10 with a full filter. Alright, guys. We’ll catch you on the next review. Thanks for watching.

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Showing all 8 results