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Lugi895 does some good cigar review mini cigar reviews. We found one of his Talon filtered cigar reviews, and feel this is a perfect review to get to ‘understand’ Talon cigars. See the review and transcript below.

I’ve got another review today. I finally managed to scrape together enough change to buy some smokes. I’ve kind of been on a cigar streak lately. What I picked up is a Talon Menthol, it’s filtered cigar. I had one out of these so far just because I hadn’t had anything to smoke in quite a while, and it was starting to get to me.

The pack here is pretty good. Crap. I can’t remember what else I was going to say there. It doesn’t look as bad as the Wild Horse, and it’s kind of on par with Crowns, although, all the art is pretty good. Let’s see. There’s actually something written on here, for once. It says: “Take a well-earned break and enjoy your favorite filtered cigar. Talon is for the All-American smoker who is seeking a quality cigar with an intense menthol flavor.” I had one of these out of here so far, as I mentioned earlier. It’s not really that intense, no. It’s kind of mild, actually.

“These cigars is a predominantly natural tobacco with non-tobacco ingredients added.” Basically, just the menthol flavoring and whatever else they tossed in there. I was actually reading online recently, there are some companies out there that put apple cider concentrate into their cigars or cigarettes. Actually, it was cigarette additives I was reading about, some of them use apple cider in them. That kind of disturbed me a little bit but, oh, well.

Onto the actual cigar itself; fairly simple design. Don’t know if you can see that there. It’s basically a two-tone thing of brown. It has Talon written on there; you can’t see that very well, but it’s on there. Little green stripe there. Fairly sure it has a perforated filter as well, so you get a lighter smoke out of it. Of course, if you want more body out of your smoke, just cover up the little holes there. It looks like it’s about the same size as your standard 100 cigarette.

Since it’s raining, freezing, and generally miserable outside we’re doing this indoors today. I can’t be asked to go out there. This is one of the few times I’m actually awake during the day. After this, I’m probably going to sleep because, I haven’t slept in a while now.

Very pleasant smell to them, actually; quite like that. First thing I noticed when I opened then up, very nice smell. It’s kind of a chocolaty smell, but yet, it’s a menthol; it’s just nice. My ashtray here, I’m not quite sure where it came from, but I keep one around, usually.

OK. Let’s see. What does this compare to, in terms of flavor? It’s kind of like . . . you probably haven’t had Double Diamond, so let’s think of something else. Hold on a second. It reminds me just a little bit of a Marlboro Menthol, but without that weird chemically taste you get from Marlboro Menthols. It goes down very smooth, I like it a lot, actually. The cost on these things is surprising, it was only $1.06. That’s a really good deal for a pack of cigars. These things do put out lot of smoke, so not recommended for someone who is just starting.

You got to be careful about those things, otherwise you end up throwing up. I never told you guys, I don’t think, about the first time I actually inhaled on a cigarette or a cigar. Actually, it was a Swisher Sweet, Sweet Cherry. Ever since I’ve had them, I’ve never been able to find them again, except for up in Minnesota, I don’t know why. Something about flavored stuff like that being banned, I don’t understand. I’ll have to look into that more just to make sure I’m being accurate on it. Bit of a dry throat recently, this probably isn’t helping any, but I don’t care.

The flavor is nice. The body of the smoke, I never really thought of a way to judge that yet, but I have an idea. Let me try something. The body of the smoke is very good, actually. Leave it in your mouth there for a second or two you get the taste on your tongue, it numbs the gums very nicely, too. Usually with these cheaper ones, I keep something around to drink just in case they are terrible and I need to get the taste out of my mouth. With these, I don’t really feel the need to do that. I’d definitely give these a good rating, especially in the price, excellent. Considering the quality, they are pretty damn good. I think I might buy these more often now. Right now, I’m just going on whenever I can scrape together enough change to actually buy because of lack employment and all that. This video’s getting a little longer than I would prefer, so I’m going to finish this off.

I would recommend these to other people, especially if you can find them in your area. I got these at a smoke shop about 10 minutes away from me. I actually have a story about that, but I’m going to wait to tell you that. I might light up another one here after I’m done with this. Until then, I’ll see you next time guys. Bye.

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