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Alec Bradley Cigars

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Below you will find a video of a Alec Bradley cigar we think will help give you a better idea what these great value smokes are all about. Also, after the video, we have the transcription posted in case you prefer to read instead of watching the video.

The Alec Bradley Black Market, in Robusto. Hi. I’m Bryan Glenn, of Tonight, we’re taking a look at this 5¼ x 52 stick, coming in with a dark brown oily wrapper, minimal veins, tight invisible seams, great looking triple cap. Nice, even slightly spongy give. It’s got a really rich chocolate and tobacco aroma; great humidor smell.

It did have a large band. It was kind of like a sticker, it came off really nice and clean, off the end. It had this normal looking band right at the tip of it, at about the midway point, and I just slipped it up, just for easy holding. Lets go ahead and get a cut-up and start toasting.

Right away, slightly snug draw, but lots of nice, thick smoke coming out of it. It’s a smoky dry tobacco flavor. It’s got a little bit of an ‘oil-on-
the-mouth’ feel, kind of like a dry mustiness. It’s like pepper, without the pepper flavor; it’s got a bit of a bite to the smoke. That’s really about it. Very smooth, creamy textured, medium-bodied. The finish is with more of a dry tobacco flavor, but still very smooth. Great start. Let it heat up, get into the first third and see how it develops.

15 minutes in: The draw’s actually opened up; it’s completely normal now. Smoke output’s down a little bit; it’s not bad, it’s a little on the airy side. Generally, not as thick as it was at the first light. Mild to medium body; it’s come down just a little bit, mellowed out, gotten a little bit smoother, little more creamy. It’s still got that pepper case, but without any of the zing; the bite’s actually gone down. I had a little bit of a chocolate flavor for a few minutes and that’s kind of died off. Right now it’s just a very nice, smooth tobacco flavor. Still the same through finish; it’s kind of long, little muted, but that’s it. Pretty much a straight-shooter so far. Burning pretty well; it’s definitely not a razor-
sharp burn but not needing any attention. It actually looks a little fluffy. It’s kind of like buttermilk biscuits that are nice and stacked. We’ll so how long that lasts. That’s it. We’ll see if we get any more transitions as we go towards the second third.

We’re 40 minutes in: Right at the halfway point. The ash just fell off on the last draw, so it held on very nicely. The burns actually evened out, it’s almost razor-sharp now. There’s been absolutely no performance problems whatsoever, with this stick. Very well constructed, smoking beautifully. Smoke outputs come up just a little bit in the second third. Flavors are identical. There’s absolutely no transitions, no changes. It’s a very one-dimensional stick, but that’s not a bad thing. If the flavors it’s putting out are something you enjoy, being one-dimensional is absolutely perfect. You get those beautiful flavors from start to finish. In that regard, it really reminds me, not only price point-wise, but overall experience-wise of the Brick House and the La Traviata; very one-
dimensional flavors, but that’s all there’s supposed to be. This isn’t marketed as a big flavor-bomb, certainly no transitions. Just have that nice, smooth, creamy tobacco. It’s oily, nice, rich. It’s up to a medium body again, and nice long finish. That’s it, it’s a straight-shooter. We’ll see if we get any changes at all in the last third.

We’re 1 hour 10 minutes in, down to the nub, here. I did have to just give it a quick relight, right after the band-point. For some reason, it just went a little warm and mushy, and then in the next row it was just completely out. It began to tunnel just a little bit, but no problems. Just a quick relight fixed it right up. Flavor-wise, no changes whatsoever in this last third, which doesn’t surprise me. Not much else to say, other than that relight, very good performance. Burn had been razor-sharp all the way down. Ash fell down for half a stick, very impressive. Very consistent flavors.

Thank you very much, to viewer, Caesar, for generously sending this in for review; greatly appreciated, brother. This has been the Alec Bradley Black Market, in Robusto. I’m Bryan Glenn, of We’ll see you next time. Don’t forget to subscribe and give me a thumbs-up.

Showing 1–27 of 65 results

Showing 1–27 of 65 results