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Arturo Fuente Cigars

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The Arturo Fuente 858 Maduro.

Hi. I’m Brian Glynn, with Tonight, we’re taking a look at the 6 x 47 stick. Coming in with a very handcrafted look: Lumpy, it’s got a very dark chocolate, almost black wrapper, slightly toothy, very firm feel to it. You can see some small veins, a couple of really big ones. Very prominent seams, but it looks good. It has a really nice chocolate aroma to it, almost like hot chocolate. Creamy and a little sweet, smells like a desert stick. Let’s get it cut up and start toasting.

Right away, a firm draw, good smoke production, though, very smooth and creamy. Very rich and oily smoke. Slightly sweet tobacco taste coming out of it. A very oily finish, a little bit of pepper coming up, but overall, just a slightly sweet oily tobacco. All right. Good start. I’m going to let it heat. We’ll get into the first third and see how it develops.

10 minutes in here; getting some very nice flavors out of this, it’s quite complex for a Maduro. The smoke is rich, chewy, very thick. The draw is still on the firm side, but it produces a ton of smoke. It’s not lacking in any regard. Flavor-wise, it gives a very nice, slightly musty aged tobacco taste to it, which I really enjoy. Then it has a slight sweetness that comes up. Through the finish, it actually gets oilier and thicker. It’s got a little bit of a pepper taste, the black pepper, not the spice or zing, just the flavor coming out over my tongue, right about now. Very subtle, but it’s there. The heavy tobacco is the lasting on the finish. The finish used to be very short at the beginning, and now it’s growing longer. Very nice flavors, overall just smooth, rich, oily, great Maduro stick.

Got me again. I was just going to say, “The ash help on really nicely for that first third.” It did hold on for about an 1½ inch, and then hit the ground with a big thud. This last one, obviously only lasted about a ½

We’re about 40 minutes in, at the halfway point. Flavor-wise, it’s been very consistent. It’s just in the last couple of draws that it’s changed, at all; bringing a slight leather to the table. The sweetness is morphing a little bit into a caramel. Other than that, it’s been very consistent. Body-
wise, it’s toggling between a medium and a medium-full, but everything else is just great: Excellent burn, draw is slightly on the firm side, not a problem whatsoever. Tons of smoke, rich, chewy, oily; all that’s still great.

1 hour 15 minutes in: I’ve got about 1 inch left. It’s starting to get pretty warm, so I’ll be ending it here soon. Overall, this last third has been like the first two, very consistent. The only real change is it’s taken on a slight dusty chocolate flavor, which is very nice. It’s a dry semisweet chocolate; it goes very nice with the aged tobacco taste. Everything else has been exactly the same, and absolutely no complaints. Great burn, great draw. The ash held on better at the beginning than the last bits here, but still not a problem holding on for a good half to three quarters of an inch at a time. Really nice potent medium to medium-to-full body. Excellent smooth flavor. It’s very rich, oily, chewy smoke. Great stick. These are very inexpensive too, just a few bucks.

Thank you very much to Jeremy Pluff, for generously sending this in. I really appreciate it. This was my first 858 Maduro, and I’ll definitely keep an eye out for these when I hit my local stores. Very enjoyable smoke. This has been the Arturo Fuente 858 Maduro. I’m Brian Glynn, with We’ll see you next time.

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Showing 1–27 of 56 results