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Don Carlos

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Would you like to try a cigar that is the best when it comes to quality, and flavor?

The world famous Arturo Fuente family business made cigars were first introduced in 1912; however it was not until the year of 1976 when the Arturo Fuente Don Carlos line of cigars was put in the market by the Fuente’s for business. After the Don Carlos cigars were introduced they were taken back off of market again due to the loss the Fuente family had suffered. They lost their business in Nicaragua. Again in 1986 they introduced their business and the line of Fuente Don Carlos cigars to the European market. They are now world famous.

Fuente Don Carlos cigars have a medium body, and are specially wrapped in Cameroon. They are sweet, spicy, and definitely a toasty treat that will warm your body up. The tobacco was carefully selected, and blended so that Fuente Don Carlos cigars would be among the worlds finest. Thousands of cigar smokers have admitted that Fuente Don Carlos Cigars are amazing, and marvelous. The title “Pride of the Fuente Family” definitely matches up to the Don Carlos product of cigars. The Arturo Fuente Don Carlos cigars product was given its title for a reason, and it comes as no surprise. Thousands of people who smoke cigars say that the “Pride of the Fuente Family” matches up to their expectations.

Fuente Don Carlos cigars are made with rare, rich, aged tobaccos that come from the Dominican Republic. They are made with perfection by blending for a long time, and making with extreme care before being approved finally. The aroma and flavor will keep you coming back for more.

My suggestion to people would be to try a Fuente Don Carlos cigar today. If you want to purchase a quality tobacco product then try the Fuente Don Carlos cigar today. For the price of $9.56 you can buy an Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Robusto single. Don’t forget that you will never be disappointed by Fuente Don Carlos Cigar today. If you haven’t had the opportunity to try a Fuente Don Carlos Cigar yet, then you are missing out on one of the finest cigars in the world.

Cigar Obsession is one of the best cigar review providers on the net. We found one of their Don Carlos cigar reviews, and feel this is a perfect review to get to ‘understand’ Don Carlos cigars. See the review and transcript below. If you want to find other reviews from Cigar Obsession, visit their youtube channel.

The Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Number 3.

Hi. I’m Bryan Glynn, with Tonight, we’ll be taking a look at this 5½x44 stick offering a satiny, slightly toothy wrapper, dark chocolate brown. Very nice looking construction, very tight, firm, great looking double cap. Pretty much a typical Fuente. It’s got a slightly earthy and peppery aroma. Little bit of a black pepper, that’s kind of unusual. All right. Let’s get this little stick cut up and start toasting. A little windy out tonight. I might have to go get a torch. I really prefer flame lighters when possible because I like a slow roast. Sometimes you do absolutely need a torch if you’re going to enjoy a cigar.

Right away, just lots of rich tobacco. A little sweet, a little pepper bite coming here in the finish, and it’s almost completely gone. Very clean, short finish. The draw is actually pretty tight. It’s not a problem or anything like that, but it’s definitely on the tight side. That’s actually surprising for such a little stick. I expected it to be pretty free. Plenty of smoke, but a medium body. A little bit of a sweetness coming in, a little bit of an earthiness. The finish is staying pretty sweet right now. All right. That’s interesting so far. I’m going to get into this first 1/3. We’ll let the flavors develop and see how it goes.

OK. We’re 20 minutes in. The first ash just fell off on its own after about
½-inch, which is about what I expected for such a small ring gauge. Overall, it’s about a medium body. The finish is still nice, short, and clean. Flavors are a sweet tobacco. It’s hard to tell because it’s really short on the draw, and then it’s right into the finish, and you get this nice pepper kick coming in here. That’s about it. Burning perfectly. The draw opened up just a little bit. Still on the firm side. Absolutely no problem. It’s smoking just fine, doesn’t matter how long you set it down for 1, 2, or 3 minutes. I forgot about it here a couple of times. I’ve only taken about 10 draws total off of it. Absolutely great performer as just about every small ring gauge cigar is. It’s hard to get these wrong. That’s about it. Real simple flavor profile so far. We’ll see if it gets any different in the second 1/3 coming up, which should be pretty quick. I would estimate this to be maybe an hour at the current burn rate. We’ll see.

45 minutes in, just past the half way point. Solid into the second 1/3 here. This little sucker’s making my head spin. The body itself, still about a medium, but it’s darn near full strength. Really kicks it to you, just an overall head rush feeling. Flavors aren’t power-packed, at all. It’s a really mellow sweet kind of wood right now, and that’s about it on the draw. The finish here has a short pepper kick, a little bit of a tingle on my lips, and it leaves a sweet oil slick on your lips. That’s it. The draw finish is very short. Flavors are already gone, and it’s pretty clean. It’s leaving a little bit of a pepper taste on the top of my tongue right now. Other than that, just a ton of actual power. Personally, I like it the other way around. I like a ton of flavor and the strength down a bit so I can fully enjoy it and not have to worry about it, at all. This one I’m just taking my time, just sitting here, typing. It’s fine. It’s not making me sick or anything like that, but it’s definitely for the fuller strength lover. This one won’t disappoint. Obviously, the burn has also slowed way down. That first 1/3 went pretty quickly, but once it hit just about the halfway point, it really put on the brakes.

Drawing it now, you can just barely see the burn line moving before it was
. . . We might be pushing 1½ hours if it continues at this point, which is good because these aren’t cheap. It’s definitely worth it, though. It’s burning perfectly. Draw’s excellent. Nothing wrong with the construction whatsoever. The flavor profile is interesting. It is changing at least, but it is fairly, I don’t want to say simple because it does have some changes to it, but it’s got one primary flavor at a time; I’ll say that. Let’s see what the last 1/3 brings.

I’m just about done here. Right about at the band point, maybe a little bit behind it now. 1 hour 20 minutes in, so definitely a good long time for such a small stick. I’m actually very surprised. Usually, these are an hour at the most. I’ve had larger sticks not even last an hour. Definitely a good value, I’ll say that. No changes to the flavors, the body, or the draw or anything since last update, so very good. Not much else to say. It’s, again, a simple cigar. You only get one main flavor at a time. There’ve only been two in the whole stick, you get the nice pepper kick on the finish, and it’s very short and clean.

Good cigar to have with coffee, other drinks. It’s not going to overpower your palette. You don’t need to sit here and think about it and really savor it. It’s a great cigar to have just about any time. I suppose you could do these while you’re mowing the lawn. It’s a good cigar, but it’s not overly complicated that you really need to devote your time to having these. It’s going to deliver what it delivers, and like every Fuente I’ve ever had, probably going to be dead-nuts consistent, stick-to-stick, box-to-
box. It’s interesting how it does differ a little bit from the Don Carlos Number 4 that I had recently. I don’t recall the exact results of that one. I’ll go back and actually watch that video for the first time; I don’t actually watch my own videos, to see what I thought of that one, but I don’t remember this flavor combination. I’m pretty good at remembering changes. I can tell if something is different or not, even though I can’t exactly put my finger on it. This is definitely unique to the Don Carlos line so far.

This has been the Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Number 3. Thank you very much to Juan, of Check their site out for great deals on a wide variety of smokes. Thank you very much for donating it for review. I greatly appreciate it. I’m Bryan Glynn, with We’ll see you next time.

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Showing all 10 results