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4.5/5stars is one of the best cigar review sites on the internet. They have an awesome review which we have embeded below. We believe this video can give you an idea of what CAO Cigars are like. Visit CigarObsession’s youtube channel if you want to find more reviews like the one below. If you prefer to read, instead of watch the video, you will find the video’s transcript below.

The CAL Gold Robusto. Hi, I’m Brian Glynn with Today we’re taking a look at this 5 by 50 [cig] coming in with a medium tan or brown wrapper. Very soft, glove soft feel to it. No [tooth] whatsoever. Has a nice, firm even pack to it; it’s not rock solid, but definitely not squishy or spongy. Decent looking double cap, nothing real fancy or straight. Has a nice rich soft tobacco aroma, a little bit of pepper. Good humidor smell. All right. Let’s go ahead and get it cut up and start testing.

Right away a medium body, very dry tobacco taste. No pepper, very smooth, oily, but really dry. Parch mouth feel. Very, very dry aftertaste, almost bitter now, going into the finish. Lots of smoke, perfect draw. I like the performance of it. Hopefully this bitterness eases up a bit. It’s almost a grassy taste on the aftertaste. Didn’t get any of that during the draw but very potent on the finish. Still very, very dry cotton-mouth feeling. It’s amazing, just from a couple of little puffs. All right. Looks like a good start to it. I’m going to let it heat up and getting into the first third and let it see how it develops.

Ten minutes in here. Getting some really nice flavor out of this first third. For whatever reason, I got a completely different expectation in my mind about what this was going to be. What it actually is, is medium-bodied at the most, no [strength], perfect draw, excellent burn, almost razor sharp at this point. Great smoke output, very thick, almost chewy. The flavors are simple but it’s a very nice blend. It’s a slightly sweet, creamy, almost buttery leather. Great combo. No one of them really tastes over, they’re just a nice, mellow combination. The finish is pretty long. Not as strong as the draw, but it just tappers off nice and smooth. Leaves a nice oily feel in the mouth. Little bit of that leather left over and that’s about it. It’s going away now. So overall, very nice.

We’re about 20 minutes in, not quite to the halfway there but well into the second third. Flavors are exactly the same which is just fine with me; really nice flavors coming out of the blend. It’s been very smooth, very creamy. Burn is almost razor sharp. Absolutely no performance problems whatsoever with the stick. This has actually been sitting in my humidor for, I don’t know, 2 years and I never, I don’t believe I even tried the Gold CAO before. For those of you who have seen a lot of my CAO reviews, the brand has been kind of hit or miss with me as far as smoke-ability, quality, that kind of thing. This is definitely a hit.

Really digging the flavors coming out of this and smoking very easily. The smoke is plentiful, medium-bodied at the most. The only thing I would change is the low mark flavor because it tastes so good. But it’s on the light side. It doesn’t over take the palate. The finish, although long, is light. It’s not a heavy, deep kind of mouth feel or anything like that. So it’s just very pleasant the smoke so far.

40 minutes in here. We’re into the last third. Actually this dropped off twice now. It holds on about an inch and a half at a time, nice, solid thuds on the ground. Great quality there. Burn, draw, smoke, everything’s the same, absolutely perfect. Flavor-wise, just in the last few draws has completely changed. No more of that leather flavor. Now it’s a bit of a licorice and a little bit of a sweet caramel with a bit of an earthy undertone. It’s still got the earth and the leather components but it’s not the actual flavor from it. It’s got a little bit of a pepper now rather than the cream.

The sweet’s still there just a tad but again it goes towards a caramel flavor, an actual distinguishing flavor. And you get the [annis] at the beginning of the draw. It quickly fades. The finish now is still nice and long but it’s much deeper. It’s got that earth component going for it.

I apologize if the audio is a little screwed up in this clip. A miniature little downpour hurricane going on right now. Bottom line, we’re down to the knob with the 1 hour mark and no changes since the last update. So overall an excellent stick and I really wish I had tried this earlier. I probably would have bought some in the last few years if I knew it tasted this good. This has been the CAO Gold Robusto. I’m Brian Glynn with I’ll see you next time.

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Showing all 25 results