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Cigar Obsession is one of the best cigar review providers on the net. We found one of their Cohiba cigar reviews, and feel this is a perfect review to get to ‘understand’ Cohiba cigars. See the review and transcript below. If you want to find other reviews from Cigar Obsession, visit their youtube channel.

The Cohiba Red Dot Toro.

Hi. I’m Bryan Glynn, with Tonight, we are taking a look at this 6×50 stick, coming in with a dark chocolate, dark brown wrapper. It’s got slight tooth. It has got a firm pack, it’s very dense. It feels heavy in the hand. It’s lumpy; definitely not a smooth, even, box-
press, or anything like that; you can tell it’s handmade. It’s got minimal veins, very tight seams, good looking double cap. It has an earthy, slight barnyard aroma to it, a little bit kind of a sweet manure smell, if you can imagine it; really does not small as bad as it sounds. A little bit of a black pepper. All right. Let’s go and get it cut up and start tasting.

Right away, it’s very dry. A little earthy, it’s very deep but it’s not heavy; medium-bodied at the most. Little bit of a pepper kick now coming on, just a tiny bit. Overall, a very deep earthiness, it kind of takes your breath away, kind of deep. Draw is absolutely perfect, very easy. Plenty of smoke; it is on the thick side, so I like that. Very good start. Long finish, still going with that earthiness. All right. I am going to go ahead and let it heat up, we are getting into the first 1/3 and see how it develops.

10 minutes in here; overall, really good mouth-feel. I like the way it’s smoking, great burn, almost razor-sharp. The smoke is nice and dense. Flavor-wise; very dry, almost like it is rough, but it is not. It’s not harsh in the least. It is not buttery-smooth or anything, but it is very dry, peppery, earthy. You get the black pepper flavor, not a lot of zing. A little bit of a spice just after the draw, but it quickly fades. It is only there for a few seconds, you get a little bit of the heat, over the top of your tongue, and then it is quickly gone. The finish stays earthy and peppery until the next draw, it just leaves a very heavy mouth-feel; you can definitely use a drink with this. I am going to go on and get something. It is not like cotton ball dry, but just almost; it’s kind of hard to describe. Usually when I get this kind of deep feeling, it literally leaving me cottonmouth, and I’ve got to have a drink because it is just . . . This is just, the pepper flavor it is just overwhelmingly dry. Not real strong, medium-bodied at the very most, so it is not overwhelming in the least. Strength-wise, can’t feel a thing, it’s just the flavor. So far so good there. We will see if we are getting any changes getting into the second 1/3.

45 minutes in here; we are into the second 1/3, just passed the halfway point. It smoothed out considerably; it does not have that rough peppery taste anymore. Overall, the flavors are still about the same, it is still very dry, not parched dry, but very deep earthiness, but it has mellowed. The flavors that are here have kind of blended together; you don’t get them as distinctly. It is still burning and drawing exactly the same. Overall, not a big transition; it is just, like I said in general, mellowing out. Same medium body, same flavor profile itself, and same long finish. It looks like it is a pretty consistent stick. For those of you that like this flavor profile, it would be a really good choice so far. We’ll see if we get any changes in this last 1/3.

We’re 1 hour in here; just about at the band point into the last 1/3. We’ve had a flavor transition in the last couple of draws. The primary is still the deep earthiness; it’s still very smooth and well-blended like it has been since about halfway point. Now there is a rise in the pepper and spice. Now the spice is right now coming over my tongue and it kind of last all the way through the finish. Here in the draw, and it’s just starting to fade now, is a sweet licorice. It’s not real pungent, it is about medium-
body, just about the same as all the other flavors, so they are still very well-blended, but it’s a very distinct kind of earthy sweetness. It tastes just like licorice, like an anise flavor. That is interesting. Definitely adds to the flavor potential of the stick, and I like transition. So far so good. It looks like we’ll probably be getting 1½ hours out of this, I imagine. I might have about 1½-inchs left before it’s probably going to be too warm. We’ll see if we get any more changes in this last bit.

1 hour 20 minutes in; down at about the last inch here, and it’s getting very warm and soft, so I will be ending it here on a good note. Overall, no change since the last update; this last little bit of nub has been just as hasty sine the last update, and very much enjoy it. I really didn’t expect this kind of flavor from a cohiba. I have had a few, not this particular
[inaudible: 05:40]. You know how long it has been since I have dropped ash on myself? Oh well. Reset the counter. Number of days since an accident: 0.

Anyway, thank you very much to Allen May for sending this in for review. I greatly appreciate it. He sent this in to get my opinion, and I am always glad to do a review for a fellow smoker. Thank you very much, again. This has been the Cohiba Red Dot in Toro. Also in the tube, as you saw. I am Bryan Glynn, with We’ll see you next time.

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Showing all 11 results