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Cigar Obsession is one of the best cigar review providers on the net. We found one of their Gurkha cigar reviews, and feel this is a perfect review to get to ‘understand’ Gurkhas. See the review and transcript below. If you want to find other reviews from Cigar Obsession, visit their youtube channel.

The Gurkha Centurion.

Hi. I’m Bryan Glynn, with Today, we’re taking a look at this 6×60 Perfecto stick, coming in with a very dark chocolate natural wrapper. It’s got a nice oil sheen to it; very, very soft, very glove leather-like. Nice looking construction, just some minimal veins, fairly firm, a little touch spongy, not rock-hard though. Great looking Perfecto roll to it, both ends are tapered. I’m going go ahead and cut this. I’m trying to look for what looks like a good shoulder seam. Looks like maybe ¼
or ½ inch or so down. I’m going to open it up, see how it draws, and we’ll start toasting. All right. That’s not too bad; we’ll see how that does. We might have to open it up a little more later.

OK. Looks like its lit pretty well. There is a pretty good crack opening up right here at the foot. The foot has its own kind of little cap on it, or shoulder, if you will. It looks like where it started to be bunched together is where it’s splitting open. It shouldn’t be that big of a deal, I don’t think it’s going to travel past this first wrap here. It’s just the actual tapered part on the end.

It’s a very creamy, oily, nutty, and slightly peppery taste. It’s kind of hard to get very much flavor out of it. It’s on the mild side right now, I think it’s going to really kick up once we get past this tapered part and it starts really toasting up. I’m going to get into it. We’ll see how this first 1/3 develops and see what kind of flavors we get.

5 minutes in; so far, really nice, creamy, smooth, oily, leather flavors. Little bit of a butter even, and just a touch of spice. It’s a little bit of a spice heat, maybe a hint of a pepper zing coming now on the finish; just enough to let you know something’s there. Very, very smooth; excellent flavors. It’s a little difficult to get going, still finding the sweet spot as to how it likes to be drawn. The actual draw is a little on the firm side, not a problem. I think it’s just kind of really getting into the main section here. It’s staying nice and cool, but this first just about 1 inch or so has been pretty much a waste. Perfecto’s to me, they look cool, but when you buy a stick like this, a 6×60, you know right off the bat there’s an inch completely wasted by what you have to clip and what’s just burning before it actually starts to be enjoyed. We’re down to a good Robusto size right now and it’s only been 5 minutes. We’ll see how it goes.

15 minutes in: Right after the last update, I had clipped a little bit more off to try to free up the draw just a bit. It didn’t really make a difference. Until just now, the smoke output had been very light. The flavors are very nice but there weren’t that many of them coating your mouth. The finish was very short and clean, and just now as it’s gotten another ½-inch down or so, it’s really started to pop. It’s about a nice medium to full body right now. Still nice and oily, creamy, buttery leather. The finish is growing a little longer, the smoke output is more than doubled what it was just a couple draws ago. Now it’s what I would consider normal. Draw’s still on the firm side but it’s performing very well. The finish has a peppery note coming up, little bit of a zing on the tongue, and it’s just leaving a bit of an earthy taste. It’s very nice so far.

20 minutes in; flavors have changed, yet again. This is turning out to be quite a complex smoke, I’m surprised. Flavor-wise; right on the start of the draw, you get a very creamy, oily, chocolate. Quickly transitions into a big pepper flavor, and the pepper is now joined by an earthiness, and these are staying on the finish very long. There’s a lot of oil, it’s all over my lips. Tiny bit of pepper zing, but mostly just a big pepper flavor mixed with the earthiness, it’s pretty unique. An earthy flavor is pretty common on the finish but not with this much pepper. Usually, when there’s a lot of pepper like this, there’s a spice and a zing along with it. This is just that spicy pepper flavor, it’s pretty nice. It goes really well, surprisingly, with that chocolate flavor. I would never figure chocolate and pepper go together so well, but it’s really nice. I wish the chocolate was sticking around longer, it goes very quickly.

50 minutes in; we’re past the halfway point, almost into the last 1/3 here. Flavor-wise, it’s transitioned, yet again. Now you get a really nice, very creamy mocha, that actually stays well into the finish and it’s joined by a rich earthiness. It’s definitely pushing full strength, getting a little bit of a rush. I’d say it’s a medium to full, overall, body and strength. Not overwhelming, but definitely a good power punch. The smoke is still normal, it’s not rich, it’s not creamy; it’s enough of it, but it’s not really matching the strength of it. You would expect it to have a lot more smoke and a lot richer mouth-feel. It does pack a lot of the flavors, they’re just short. The actual finish is mostly just the earthiness. It’s very creamy, it’s very oily, and that does last awhile, but the actual draw flavor’s are very short and clean off the finish.

1 hour in; just the last couple draws it’s changed, yet again. Flavor-wise, big blast of deep roasted coffee; very creamy, very oily. The finish is a little bit sweet and creamy. The coffee dies down. It’s actually showing a whole bunch of tooth now on the ash that wasn’t there before. Still a very deep earthy overall finish. The pepper’s died way down. Now it’s just big blasts of that coffee and earth. Definitely full strength, I’m starting to get a little jittery. It’s not overwhelming; it’s been sneaking up on me since about the halfway point. Smoke output is still on the light side, as far as coating the palette and output volume. The flavors are medium to full, you do get a lot of what’s there, they just fade very quickly.

1 hour 15 minutes in; getting down to the nub here. It’s starting to get a little warm, so I’ll be ending it here soon. Overall, it’s been the same since the last update. The creaminess has been ramping up steadily. Now there’s just a really big blast of cream flavor. That transitions into the coffee flavor and maybe a hint of nuts, I want to say cashew. It’s a light creamy nut, very nice. I really like these end flavors. It kind of reminds of a CAO Black.

I want to greatly thank Ken Glass for sending this in for review. I really appreciate it; it’s been an excellent smoke. This has been the Gurkha Centurion. I’m Bryan Glynn, with We’ll see you next time.

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Showing all 20 results