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Cigar Obsession is one of the best cigar review providers on the net. We found one of their Oliva cigar reviews, and feel this is a perfect review to get to ‘understand’ Oliva cigars. See the review and transcript below. If you want to find other reviews from Cigar Obsession, visit their youtube channel.

Bryan: The Oliva Master Blends 3 Torpedo Hi I’m Bryan Glynn with Tonight we’re taking a look at this 6 1/2 by 52, slightly box press stick. I say slightly because it’s actually in an oval shape with the longer edges pressed flat and the corners very easily rounded. It has a very dark brown wrapper with a slight red hue to it, firm, even construction, just a real slight, even, spongy give. Minimal veins, tight seams, and really nice rich barnyard aroma. All right, let’s go ahead and get it cut up and start toasting.

It has a very smooth, tobacco and leather, medium body to it. Very oily, exceptionally smooth, like butter, very creamy textured. Pretty short finish, it’s already fading. Little bit of an oily sweetness left over and a little bit of a pepper zing now coming on; and that’s about it. Perfect draw, decent smoke output. Not a bad first light. I’m going to let it heat up, we’ll get into the first third and see how it develops.
All right. Ten minutes in, we’re into the first third. The flavors are medium bodied at the very most, very cream textured, not creamy flavored. It’s got a little bit of nuttiness to it, a little bit of sweetness, and a tiny bit of pepper. All in all a very mellow blend, nothing really stands out yet, there’s not one big flavor. You just get a nice easy mix primarily of those three. The finish is pretty short, so it’s not a big flavor bomb or anything like that, it doesn’t stick around. I’m just getting a little bit of oil on the mouth and a tiny, tiny bit of a pepper zing. That’s about it.
So pretty much the same as the first light flavors but a little more muted, a little more smooth and blended well together. That’s about it. Draws absolutely perfect, burns almost razor sharp. Just doing my thing and it’s smoking like a dream.
We’re just 20 minutes in, had a big flavor shift actually. The subtle flavors that were there, medium body at the most, they’re gone. It’s very, very, deep and earthy, medium to full bodied now. Lots and lots of rich, oily, earthiness coming off of it. It’s almost overwhelming, the amount of just deep flavor that it’s giving, a very long finish now, going down into my throat. Still just a little touch of pepper, it’s not spicy or anything like that but just really deep and substantial in the body. It’s really overpowering everything else. If the other flavors are there I can’t taste them at all anymore. That’s about it. It’s just overwhelming earthiness right now. Pretty interesting that they have a such a dramatic shift this early on. Looking forward to seeing if there are more transitions in store.

30 minutes in. Got another big transition. I’m really impressed with the way this is developing. I had no idea it was going to be this complex; I love complex cigars. Right now just in the last couple of draws, the flavors have shifted to a nice creamy coffee. The pepper and spice is building up just a little bit. A little more zing, you can feel it on the draw now. And a little bit of heat on the finish. Very, very smooth, there’s a nice aged tobacco taste kind of working its way in there. The earthiness has died way down. So it’s really going through a lot of pretty major transitions very quickly. About every 10 minutes or so we’ve had one so far. The burn is almost razor sharp, no problems with it whatsoever. Perfect draw. You can see the ashes holding on over an inch already, it seems pretty firm and I’m going to let it go, see how long I can get it. Probably end up in my lap again, but oh well, I have plenty of shorts. So, so far so good. We’re about into the second third, so we’ll see what kind of transitions we get during that part.

45 minutes or so in. We’re at the halfway point, or starting the second third, depending on where you look. The burn on this particular one probably is going to need a touch up. It started going wonky at about the last update and this one side hasn’t really caught up so, I’m going to touch it up, tap the ash off, it starting to go crooked because of the burn. Probably would’ve held on for at least half the stick if it was burning perfectly. But still not a big problem. Putting off good smoke. The flavors have actually been bouncing the last 10 minutes back and forth between that deeper finish with pepper and the coffee; the sweetness has at times developed into a very distinct caramel flavor. And the other draws it’s just a faint general sweetness. The draw has snugged up just slightly. I just had a touch resistance up until about the last update and it’s slowly been getting a little bit tighter, not a problem. As long as it stays where it is I’ll still consider it fairly normal. So I’m going to go ahead and touch this up, tap the ash and at that point we’ll be at the halfway point. So I’m estimating probably about an hour and fifteen or so when this ends. We’ll see what we get as we get through the rest of the second third.

One hour 30 minutes in. Getting down to the nub here. We’ve got about half an inch before the taper starts. It’s just starting to get pretty warm so I’ll be ending it. Overall no further changes since the last update. It’s still been bouncing back and forth between that really substantial near full body earthiness and pepper and then the next draw it goes back down a little bit, you get some of the caramel and the coffee’s kind of come back in just hints of it here and there. So overall a very deep substantial experience. It’s almost like taking a stiff drink; you really feel it in your chest and your throat. So overall medium full body I’ll say for the entire stick. Not bad performance besides that one touch up. The ash held on great as you saw. And the draw has been just about perfect. It’s still a little bit snugger than it was at the beginning but absolutely no performance problems. Plenty of rich smoke output. Tons of it. Nice and thick. Great finish, very smooth. Very nice stick.

Thank you very much to Tyson Hockstaff [sounds like] for generously sending this in for review. And a big shout out to the sailors of the RC 30 in Japan. This has been the Oliva Master Blends 3 in Torpedo. I’m Bryan Glynn with We’ll see you next time.

Showing 1–27 of 34 results

Showing 1–27 of 34 results