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Below you will find a video with Brian from Stogie Review interviewing the legendary Nick Perdomo. Nick talks about what is going on right now with the Perdomo cigar company. The event was filmed at the IPCPR 2011. Check it out!

Brian: Hey, guys. Brian, here from Stogie Review, at IPCPR 2011. I’m here with the one and only Nick Perdomo. Nick, what’s going on with Perdomo these days? What’s new?

Nick: Well, Brian, we’ve got a lot of exciting things. We have 30 new
[inaudible: 00:20], probably been the most aggressive we’ve ever been .
. .

Brian: 30?

Nick: . . . with new things. Yes, we have the new Perdomo Reserve Limited Edition Camaroon; 41/2 x 44 camaroon, little petite corona. People have been asking us to bring our camaroon back. We came out with that. Great box of cigars at 10 for $50. We have a new Perdomo exhibition line; it’s our most full-bodied offering. It’s selling extremely well at the show, with three different wrappers. We brought a safe selection back, a lot of people asked us for it.

For as why we retired the brand, we actually retired the brand because we ran out of the tobacco. We have a new 2002 series. What we did do differently was price: About 8 years ago, between $8 and $12. We’re pricing them today between $7.25 to $8.50, so we’re giving a lot of bang for the buck, for the consumers.

Champagne Noir now comes out in all the sizes under the [inaudible:
01:08] anniversary umbrella. It’s been doing extremely well. We’ve been very excited. The sales have been very brisk.

Brian: We reviewed that recently, and I really liked it.

Nick: I’m glad you did.

Brian: I’m excited about the new sizes, for sure.

Nick: You got to try them. I think you will enjoy them.

Brian: Absolutely. Thanks for taking a few minutes.

Nick: Thank you, Brian, I appreciate it.

Brian: I know you’re really busy; we’ll let you get back to it. Again, we really appreciate it.

Nick: Thanks again. Thanks for supporting us. Thank you.

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Showing 1–27 of 57 results