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Cigar Obsession is one of the best cigar review providers on the net. We found one of their Punch cigar reviews, and feel this is a perfect review to get to ‘understand’ Punch cigars. See the review and transcript below. If you want to find other reviews from Cigar Obsession, visit their youtube channel.

The Punch London Club Maduro. Hi, I’m Bryan Glynn with Tonight we’re taking a look at this 5 by 40 stick, coming in with a very dark brown wrapper, minimal veins, tight invisible seams, nice-looking double cap. There’s a slight tooth to it, pretty firm pack. Nice bit of an oil sheen. It’s got a lumpy, hand-rolled appearance, couple soft spots here and there, and a rich musty, very damp aroma. Very nice smell. All right, let’s go ahead get it cut up and start toasting.

Wow. Quite a strong flavor coming out of it. It’s oily, very syrupy in mouth. I feel it very deep down into my chest. It’s almost like a chemical taste. It’s earthy, but it’s like that ‘take your breath away’, like you do a shot kind of experience. Very musty and damp, a lot like the aroma was. Very loose draw, but a lot of smoke output. Definitely on the thick side. This really takes your breath away.

All right, good start, let it heat up, get it to the first third, let’s see how it develops. All right, ten minutes in, this is going to be a very short smoke. The ash just fell off after a little over an inch. Nice solid chunk, burn is almost razor sharp. Draws perfect, just a little bit of resistance, it actually snubbed up just a bit from the first light. Luckily, that weird chemical flavor was only present for a couple draws.

The first third so far, I’m going to guess it’s going to be the whole stick at this point, it’s medium to full-bodied, there’s plenty of flavor. It’s oily; smoke is on the thick side, not chewy, but not light or airy. The flavors are like those Red Hot candies but there’s no pepper, there’s no spice, there’s no heat. It’s just the candy cinnamon flavor. It’s not like actual cinnamon, like Big Red gum or the actual spice. It’s like the candy cinnamon. Slightly bitter. It’s not a bad flavor. It’s just, you can tell it’s like an artificial cinnamon-type flavor, but if you like those Red Hots, you’re going to love this stick. But it’s not sweet. It’s not like a sweet candy or anything like that.

That’s really all there is. The finish is pretty short and clean. The cinnamon-ish flavor sticks around, but very quickly it’s fading. No pepper, no zing, no spice, no heat, nothing down in your throat. Nothing. It’s really a light finish. The draw flavors, they’re nice, they stick around. The thick smoke really helps to deliver them. That’s it. So far so good. We’ll see if we get any changes. Probably going to have one more update. This is looking like it’s going to be about a 25, maybe 30 minute smoke total.

Well, down to the nub here, just past the band point. It’s gotten very hot last couple draws, so this is where I’ll be ending it. Absolutely no changes, as I thought, it was very consistent from start to finish. If you’re a fan of cinnamon candy-like flavor, you’re going to love this stick. If not, this is not going to be the one for you. There are absolutely no other flavors to it. Really good construction, and it smoked beautifully, tons of actual smoke, and I love that. It’s on the thick side, it was very enjoyable, perfect draw, and the ash held on pretty well for its size. Inch and a half at the time fell off in two chunks. If you like your smoke very hot, you can get a little bit more time out of this. That’s it. Pretty simple stick, short., very cheap. This has been the Punch London Club Maduro. I’m Bryan Glynn with Don’t forget to subscribe and we’ll see you next time.

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Showing 1–27 of 43 results