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Swisher Sweets Little Cigars

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Below we found a review that in our opinion, will help you better understand what to expect when buying swishers. The review was done by RealCigReview and we did the video transcription. Visit RealCigReview if you want to see more videos like the one below.

Hey. This is Dan. Welcome back to Real Cig Review. Today, I’m going to be reviewing the Swisher Sweet Strawberry. I don’t know if you can see that across the top, the strawberry. This is the little, small cigars. I know I normally don’t do cigar reviews, but I’ve seen these on the display at the gas station this morning so I figured what the hell, let’s go ahead and try one. Taking a look at the package on here, it’s kind of got a shiny reflective purplish kind of color, red, pink, maybe. I don’t know what it is. A kind of reflective color; just says Swisher Sweet on there. It’s got the barcode. It’s all pretty basic and pretty plain on there. It’s got a little Swisher Sweet logo across the top, a little band around here, and then on the back right here it says ‘Sealed Fresh’. Let’s go ahead and pop that open, if I can. This is an actual cigar, too, so no filter on it. Wow. I can smell that strawberry coming off of it, really, really strong.

Looking at the paper here; it’s actually got the blunt-style paper on there. The tobacco seems to be packed in there really nice and tight. It’s nice and tight all the way through. I can squeeze it. I like that strawberry smell. I’m not a big fan of cigars, I never have been. But after I did those little cigars, the ones I did that were grape flavored, I kind of been keeping my eye out for any of these. These were $0.29 on sale, so I figured I’d grab one. I dig that strawberry smell a lot. Looks really good, the paper looks really good. Don’t see any major perforations on there where it’s wrapped around. Let’s go ahead and fire this up. With this, it goes back to my thing with cigars. Honestly, I don’t know what the hell I’m doing when I’m smoking cigars. I’m going to go ahead and inhale a little bit but I don’t think with these, with no filter, I don’t think you’re supposed to inhale them. Let’s go ahead and hit that. It’s a big one. Let me crack the window.

Really sweet tobacco flavor, really strong. It’s really potent. It’s really good on there. Really heavy tobacco flavor. I think that strawberry is actually coated on the outside because I can taste it on my lips. I think it’s just a coating. Maybe like a spray or something they put on the outside of the cigar to make it taste that way. It’s really kind of good, kind of interesting. Go ahead and take a nice heavy draw of this into my mouth.

Heavy draw. Definitely a cigar. Cherry on the cone on it looks really good and tight, burning really smooth all the way through there. Yeah, not too bad, at all. Kind of nervous on inhaling this bad boy. I don’t think I’m ready for that just yet. Give me just a second here. Overall the flavor and the smoke, it’s got a really heavy draw, really heavy body on the smoke. It’s got a sweet flavor to it. It definitely tastes like a cigar. The Swisher Sweets, compared to a ‘real’ cigar, these are kind of like child’s play. These are just more for fun, I think. They are more for flavor type stuff. I’m not a connoisseur of cigars by any means, but I have smoked a real Cuban cigar way back in the day, and that just tastes like shit to me; it was just horrible. It was just so strong and so heavy it just knocked me in the dirt. I’m going to go ahead and drag on this. I’m going to go ahead and inhale a smaller to medium size drag and pull that into my lungs.

Ooh. Not too bad. It’s definitely very, very strong. It’s got a really heavy body to it. It’s got a really heavy smoke coming off of it. Burns real good. Yeah, I don’t believe these are made for inhaling, so I’m not going to do the deep-down inhale all the way to the bottom of my lungs because that one drag right there already gave me a bit of a kick. Yeah, I don’t want to take it too far down. Yeah, not too bad. Like I say, I don’t know jack squat about cigars, but this is kind of a fun one. $0.29, whatever; I’ll spend $0.29 on it for a review. Not too bad, it’s really not too bad.

Yeah, like I say, I’m not a big cigar smoker; I’m not a big fan of cigars, but all in all, this ain’t too bad. It’s got a decent flavor on it. It’s got a decent aroma. It’s got a really heavy draw and really heavy body. You watch when I pull it into my mouth I’ll just kind of let it linger for a minute. Really heavy draw, really heavy body; it’s a full-bodied cigar. My tongue is completely numb. Not too bad. The flavor’s really good. It’s actually holding in the end of the cigar, all of the tobacco. It’s kind of narrowed and kind of beveled on the one end and all of the tobacco seems to be holding really tight in there. It doesn’t seem to be . . . I’m not getting any tobacco in my mouth or anything. Not too bad.

It is burning really hot. It is a hot burning one. Let’s see if I can get that ash off there a little bit. The ash holds on with this blunt paper with the regular paper like that, it holds on really, really well. Like I say, I’m not a big cigar smoker, but these Swisher Sweets, and this is a strawberry flavor. I’m not getting any strawberry now. The first, right off the bat, I could smell that strawberry really strong. Now that I’m smoking a little bit, I can’t taste anything, smell anything but cigar. Really heavy. Really strong.

As far as the cigar goes, yeah, it ain’t bad. I’ll give it 3 out of 5 stars on this. It’s really not too bad. It’s a Swisher Sweet. Like I said, just really cheapo, cheapo cigar. I figured it would be something fun to try and do a review on. Yeah, not too bad. I probably won’t buy another one unless it’s a different flavor. I might get a different just to have that flavor of it. All in all, not too bad; it’s not horrible. I’m just not a big fan of cigars, never really have been.

Definitely not made for inhaling. Tastes like shit when it goes down. You got a really heavy body to it. Really heavy smoke. I’m kind of enjoying it a little bit. Kind of relaxing, but nothing fantastic or outrageous. I bet you I get a good smoke ring off this. Let’s try this. Ooh. Wowy. Does put off a body on it, a hell of a strong smoke coming off of that. All right. We’ll catch you guys on the next one. Later.

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