• TrueTobacco.com Coupon Codes and Promotions

    In our constant effort to guarantee your satisfaction, we are currently running several promotions. Read about them below to find out how you can participate, save and win!

    True Tobacco Loyalty Points

    With our loyalty points you can get free products from TrueTobacco.com – Our system is simple, you earn points with every purchase you make, and every product review you post on our site. Whenever you buy a product, you will see a display as to the number of points you will get from that purchase. You will also earn 25 points for every product review you post on our site.

    To see your loyalty points, go to the top drop down menu and click My Account > Loyalty Rewards. You can redeem your loyalty points once you manage to accumulate a minimum of 500 loyalty points, which is equivalent of $20 worth of product.

    True Tobacco Free Shipping

    If you purchase $200 or more worth of product; the shipping is on us! Plus, our regular shipping is priced at extremely competitive rates. Don't fall for the tricks of other stores where prices on products are low, but then shipping is through the roof! Buy products to last you the next few months and save big in shipping!

    True Tobacco 5 Percent Review Discount

    Get 5% off your entire order if you post a review on any of our product pages. Do you see any of our products you know? Anything you liked or didn't like? Then post a review. You will help our other customers, you will earn a great discount and you can enjoy the feeling of improving the world; one review at a time! Please note that reviews might take up to 1 business day to be approved. You can always email us to expedite the process.

    True Tobacco Promotions are Combinable

    Nothing is worse than putting in the effort to get discounts and coupons, only to be told 'promotions are not combinable'. That is exactly why here at TrueTobacco.com ALL our promotions are combinable. So get your review discount, get loyalty points and free shipping. On a single purchase. NO RESTRICTIONS APPLY!